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C3 Computer Consultants sell consumer electronics and video games

Through out North America and the World. We deal directly with local businesses and also sell online through multiple channels. We have an Amazon Store: Amazon.com/shops/c3computerconsultants for US & global shipping, Amazon.ca in Canada, and Amazon.com.mx in Mexico. Our eBay Store (100% rating) is a smaller platform for us, but works as a great secondary platform. Our big 2018 online push is to fully develop our C3 Premium Bundles brand on Amazon and on our domain: c3computerconsultants.com

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Locally C3 Computer Consultants has served

The Miami-Dade county small business community since January 2008 when we incorporated. We have distribution accounts at Synnex, D&H and several smaller national and local warehouses and companies. Sometimes what we to finish a job need is right at Walmart! We sell many major brands of desktops and tablets, we sell networking equipment and monitors, but our favorite sector in consumer electronics is video games!

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Gamers have a special place in our heart.

Check out our C3 Premium Video Game Bundles here: www.c3computerconsultants.com/gfg to see our selection, promotions and giveaways. We started on Amazon nearly 5 years ago and noticed many video games had toys, shirts and expansions that didn’t come together naturally online. So we’ve bundled everything from the incredibly popular Funko Pop vinyls with their respective games to video game series to complete the series. I’ve been selling online since my first website noanime.com which could be found on the Anime Web Turnpike (anipike.com) back in 1998. Over the years, online selling has been in our veins and we now promote, market and use sales funnels to sell the items we carry.

We promote our bundles and top tier product with Amazon PPC, Google Adwords, and Facebook Ads.

We use Clickfunnels to create long lasting relationships with the traffic we bring to our items. We respect all manufacturer’s MAP guidelines and always seek to get top dollar for our product rather that the online dreaded “race-to-the-bottom” that occurs in the competitive marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay.

We not only have brand sensitivity, but we have a 5 Star Customer Service Guarantee where we invest whatever it takes to make our customers happy. In this easy to return product age, differentiate ourselves by following up every order with an email sequence that inform our patrons of our guarantee so we can divert bad feedback whenever we get the chance.

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How We Started

C3 Computer Consultants started in 2003 the day CompUSA Store #311 began its store closing and laid off all of its B2B agents where I had worked for nearly 5 years. Wanting to scratch my entrepreneurial itch for some time, I incorporated C3 that night and started the ball rolling. As a top performer and multi-million $ producer selling consumer electronics, I started out on my start up with the open door given for small businesses in Miami-Dade county by NANA: Neighbors And Neighbors Association. As a result of helping their over 600 businesses throughout Miami-Dade every year county receive Mom & Pop Grants, Micro loans, business technical assistance, and FREE commercial office space, desk and computers, I opened the doors to C3 in Miami at our first location.

There at the Audrey Edmonson Small Business Hub, 4055 NW 17th Ave, Miami, FL 33142, C3 Computer Consultants opened the door of this new location with 9 other businesses in this NANA pilot program to help give micro-businesses something so valuable: a commercial address from which to operate. We operated here for the better part of one year continuing G.E.M. background from CompUSA dealing with Government, Education and Medical customers from the School Board of Miami-Dade County (4th largest in the US) to the City of Miami Gardens, to individual resellers buying Apple products and exporting them to Brazil and several other countries. This office was the first of 3 which included the business hub in historic Overtown Miami and the current office in Pembroke Pines, FL.


Christopher C. Carwise, President

I’m a son, a husband, and a father before anything I do professionally. Originally from Pennsylvania, I’ve live in every state on the east coast from PA to Florida due to travelling with my father in the Army. I’ve even lived in Stuggart, Germany for 13 months while he served a 3 year tour. The son of a veteran and raised an Army Brat I was.

I’m a Microsoft certified professional and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist. I began selling online in 1998 offering fansubbed Japanese VHS tapes for $8 (when most were selling for $5 donation) with my webpage www.noanime.com listed only on the Anime Web Turnpike under noAnime Subtitlers. I sold hundreds of VHS tapes and ofter shut down for my large order backlog due to the popularity of the shows with fan-subbed: Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena once dubbed in English later) and Yakumo Tatsu (Eight Clouds Rising.) Later while working at CompUSA Business Sales department, I started selling D66 (discontinued stock) on Ebay in the mid-2000s. In 2011, I started working at Tiger Direct B2B where my top 10 customers sold on Amazon. After selling nearly $1 million dollars to my biggest client Fat Owls, I got the inside scoop on how to sell on Amazon. So with $400 borrowed, I began to get “serious” selling on Amazon for myself. The first products I sold successfully as a niche were video games back in 2013. Five years later we’re using cutting edge technology based on proven marketing principals to sell and market products.

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